What we offer?


Nowadays IT and AV segments are rapidly developing solutions that specialized providers of services and commodities offer are numerous. Business and residential spaces can be enriched with various solutions and devices that will greatly facilitate your daily business and make your home comfortable and functional. Listening to the customer and identifying his real needs and desires and choosing from an array of devices and solutions to offer the optimal solution is our primary goal and the foundation of successful business and long-term cooperation.


To make the vision of a solution at all come to life and start implementation of the need to select the appropriate devices, quality pair them, develop a plan of positioning and wiring, etc. Since each solution and its performance depends on the area in which they will be integrated, coordination with designers and architects, and in the later stage with the contractors of construction works is desirable and in some cases necessary. All of the above, but also some other actions, are needed to ensure the maximum efficiency and functionality of the solution offered, and hence the customer's satisfaction.


The large range of products includes everything you need for work and life in your environment with a special audio, video and control technique: from speakers, microphones, projectors, headphones to audio and video mixers, as well as complete information management systems - and affordable prices. In few last years we were in possibility to convince many satisfied customers in reliability of our systems implementation.
Summarized manufacturer selection:
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The technical documentation of our systems is part of our media technology offering. Documents and their updates are available in digital format in PDF format and / or on paper. The delivered documentation system enables employees to effectively take responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the system. Updates ensure that the documentation is always consistent with the latest product release, which is also an important condition for availability of systems and equipment.


High-quality assembly, installation, programming as well as commissioning of the device as an individual or part of the system and maintenance are also part of our services that we provide to customers.